Collections: history of climate science

Tim Osborn Useful compilation of NH and/or global temperature estimates for last decades, centuries, millennium or more, including some early examples.

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Climate monitor

Tim Osborn Unfortunately WordPress now seems to cache hot-linked images, so the linked images shown here are no longer the latest images available. HadCRUT4 current year’s temperature GISTEMP current year’s temperature GISTEMP global monthly temperature anomalies University of Colorado global-mean sea level NOAA Laboratory for Satellite Altimetry global-mean sea level ESRL multivariate ENSO index NHC […]

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Yamal, Polar Urals and Muir-Russell

Tim Osborn [This article was subsequently revised and posted on the UEA website.] Recent accusations (here, leading to more hot air across parts of the blogosphere, e.g. here) that the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) promoted tree-ring results that fit some preconceived view (e.g. of modern temperatures exceeding those during Medieval times) or curtailed other work […]

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Collections: global temperature datasets

Tim Osborn Land temperatures CRUTEM.  Gridded near-surface air temperatures over land, put together mostly by CRU, led by Phil Jones, with contributions from UK Met Office Hadley Centre.  No spatial interpolation to make them complete, though earlier versions had a coarser grid and some infilling between neighbouring boxes so coverage appeared more complete than it […]

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Collections: answering FAQs and challenges

There are some commonly held viewpoints about climate change that are plainly refuted by strong evidence.  Many of these “myths” about climate change have already been challenged by scientists and commentators.  This post is simply a collection of links to sites where these climate change myths have been discussed and also to sites containing climate […]

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Blog info

Tim Osborn About Interpreting Climate Change The primary aim of this blog is to be a convenient way for me to organize and archive some of my interpretations of climate change science, media and online commentary.  Posts that may be of interest to others I will make public, while others will be kept private. Comments […]

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